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News guides 03 April 2023, 16:57

author: Agnes Adamus

Demonologist - All Spirit Box Questions

In Demonologist it is possible to use Spirit Box to talk to ghosts. Here you will learn what questions you can ask the ghosts.

Demonologist is a game that will appeal to fans of Phasmophobia. The game enables up to four players conduct investigations in haunted places and then drive out the ghost. In order to determine what kind of phantom you are dealing with, you need to collect evidence. One of the tools that will help you do this is the spirit box. On this page you will learn how to use it and what voice commands work.

Demonologist - what is the Spirit Box?

Spirit Box in Demonologist is used to communicate with spirits. By saying specific phrases in front of this item, you can expect to receive a voice response. This tool costs 1300 in the game.

Demonologist - working questions in the Spirit Box

At this point, ghosts can only answer very specific phrases. According to information published by the developers, the list of working questions is as follows:

  1. Can you talk?
  2. Can you speak?
  3. What is your name?
  4. Where are you?
  5. When did you die?

Of course, keep in mind that you will not always get an answer to your question. This is because only selected types of ghosts are able to respond.

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Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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