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News guides 13 April 2023, 10:47

author: Damian Gacek

Professions in Wartales Explained; List and Description

In this guide you will find the description of all the professions available in Wartales. It is one of the most important mechanics, so it is worth getting familiar with it.

Wartales is a tactical RPG that recently left early access. The title has received praise from players for its mechanic complexity, among other things. For example, in addition to traditional classes, the game also features professions that can be assigned to warriors. They provide characters with passive bonuses, but are also essential for crafting and gathering resources. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with them, especially since you have to discover them yourself.


This profession enable you to brew useful concoctions and things to use during battle. You can start it in cities in Clinic with Pharmacy. Of course, as with the creation of equipment in the forge, you must first collect the right ingredients and recipes. This profession will add to your Dexterity.


This is a profession that requires a Workshop (Camp). In it you must create lutes, after unlocking the appropriate recipe, of course. Bard enables you to learn various songs, as long as you meet certain conditions. Once you learn them, you can later sing them in the Inn. This involves a mini-game - you have to press the buttons on the lute at the right time. It requires a lot of dexterity. You will get money and Influence for it. This profession will add to your Constitution


Professions in Wartales Explained; List and Description - picture #1

This is a new profession, added in version 1.0. It enables you to harvest wood. You can do this in special places, such as Sawmills. It is worth assigning it to a character using Strength, as this profession provides a relevant bonus.

Once again you will be faced with a mini-game. It consists of pressing the mouse at the right moment. Nothing easier, right?


In Wartales you can also find mines. And it is there that you will start the profession of a miner. It enables you to acquire valuable resources. A bonus from this profession goes to Constitution. However, at higher levels you also gain Strength.

This profession is associated with the same minigame as chopping wood - you have to press the mouse button at the right moment.


One of the basic professions. To unlock it go to the forge and use the anvil. A character with this profession can make various pieces of equipment thanks to the materials you acquire along the way.

An important aspect of the class is its bonus to Strength. So it is worthwhile for this profession to be performed by a character who focuses on fighting with two-handed weapons.

Of course, you will not make the best items from the very beginning. As you progress in the game you will unlock recipes for items, which you will then be able to make.

Crafting is linked to a simple mini-game which involves clicking on highlighted items on the anvil. If you manage to make it perfectly, you will get items of better quality. It's worth keeping this in mind and saving the game before creating more valuable inventory items.


Cook is another profession associated with the Camp. As the name suggests Prepares meals from raw ingredients. It is worth doing, as such food is more nutritious. To discover this profession you need to create a Cauldron Workshop. This profession will increase your Constitution.


A profession related to party's maintenance. This is the only profession available from the beginning of the game, the Workshop associated with it is in the camp.

The character assigned to this position builds useful tools and structures. Due to the Critical Hit bonus, it is worth giving it to an Archer or a Scout.


Professions in Wartales Explained; List and Description - picture #2

The name of this profession speaks for itself. If you assign it to a character, you will be able to catch fish on Fishing grounds or at special points on the water (you will recognize them by their lights). Of course, you also need fish hooks (you can make them in the Workshop).

This profession gives a bonus to Willpower, and at higher levels also to Critical Hit. So give it to an Archer or a Scout.

Fishing also requires you to complete a minigame. It is similar to many other fishing games. You can't let the marker leave the safe field.


This profession is associated with Tombs. The scholar is able to study various codes by means of runes. Eventually the character is able to create powerful items using them. To be able to use this profession you must create a Lectern in the camp using the workshop. The passive bonus from this profession is to Willpower.


In the game you will sometimes encounter various locked chests. You can open them, assuming yoou have a lockpick. You will craft it in the Workshop. This is connected with a mini-game involving the pick.

You can also try steal from characters you encounter in the game. However, this is linked to an increase in Suspicion. The same goes for taking other people's belongings from containers. This profession will give your character a bonus to Dexterity.

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